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  • One of the best brain in HR field and Francis is like honey trap of all the HR related. He is very support flexible and approachable gentlemen who comes across as a very humble and down to earth personality.
    Manoj Kateja LEARNING & TALENT DEVELOPMENT HEAD - GCC-IRAQ April 10, 2019, Manoj reported directly to Francis
  • Mr. Francis did an amazing job as a Lead Trainer where he oversaw 3 different groups of senior HR Professionals in various stages of their training program. He provided services to Senior HR Professionals undergoing training for HR Certification Preparation Program
    Shabbir Maniyariwala HR and Payroll (SPHRi) September 9, 2018, Shabbir reported directly to Francis
  • Mr. Francis is my teacher in SPHRi - Senior Professional in Human Resources – International Certification course through Green International Project Management Company in Kuwait. Mr. Francis is, in my opinion, is probably one of the finest, creative, most approachable and a truly gifted educator, a mentor and a trainer.
    Sunny Rae Lascuna Senior Human Resources Officer at Dar SSH International Engineering Consultants September 9, 2018, Sunny Rae reported directly to Francis
  • Francis is a highly proficient and down to earth individual who has extensive knowledge in the field of HR. His positive attitude, enthusiasm and dedication are very inspiring and motivating. He always goes beyond his role to provide a helping hand wherever necessary.
    Veena Nair, SPHRi Human Resources at Gulf Consult March 6, 2018, Veena was a client of Francis’
  • Francis Jeyaraj is a well-connected professional in the HR fraternity MENA region, whom I have known in the last many years. He is one of a very sincere, dedicated and hardworking individual, who always takes the time to support anyone in his network. He has a very impressive background and profile and is a subject matter expert in a number of areas in HR, with “Total Rewards Management” as one of his forte.
    Feba Leslie, SPHRi LinkedIn Certified - Executive Recruiter February 24, 2018, Feba worked with Francis in different groups

  • Francis is one of the most sincere and dedicated personalities I have ever met. He has a keen interest to update HR knowledge and it is motivating to others also. He is very helpful despite his busy schedule and its really appreciated. No doubt that he is the reason behind many HR professionals started thinking about taking certifications.
    Jubi Sasidharan PHRi, SPHRi HR Officer March 8, 2017, Jubi Sasidharan reported directly to Francis
  • Francis is one of the few people you will meet in life who absolutely loves what he does. His passion for self enhancement in the field of HR is really motivating. With the vast area of knowledge that he already possesses, the drive to be more informed and updated is inspirational. As a mentor and a coach, he has always been a self-less guide and huge inspiration to me who pushes you to the extremes to achieve the impossible.
    Shabeer Beeran, PHRi® Human Resources Specialist at TechnipFMC February 5, 2017, Shabeer reported directly to Francis
  • I had a lot of opportunity to interact with Francis. I find him to be very ambitious, hardworking, honest and efficient. He is also a trustworthy individual who is ready to help anybody who is in need.
    John Pereira Sr.Manager, Business Process Management at Boubyan Bank March 6, 2012, John worked with Francis in different groups
  • Having gotten to know Francis over the past few years, I believe puts me in a position to provide you with a pretty accurate assessment of his character. Francis is a very courteous, polite person. As a colleague he is a detail-oriented, punctual, and quality-minded he has a value of his work ethic, his energy, and his creativeness to name three.
    Olive Joyce MHRM PHR_ Human Resources May 11, 2011, Olive worked with Francis
  • Francis is a very helpful person and does a commendable job with his duties at Boubyan Bank. Prompt in solving issues and provides proper and accurate information when needed.
    Raushanara Khanzada - July 1, 2010, Raushanara worked with Francis in different groups

  • It took great powers of observation to spot Francis at work; his considerable amount of solid and substantial work was executed soundlessly, with the minimum of noise and drama. Only after a certain period did it become evident that he was behind much of the good performance of his group as a whole.
    Indrajit Gupta Senior Advisor at Aegis Reconstruction Services May 8, 2010, Indrajit was senior to Francis but didn’t manage directly
  • Francis gained a great deal of respect both from myself and others in the organisation by demonstrating his in-depth knowledge of HR process and implementation of effective procedures which quickly contributed in transforming the company and greatly assisting in restructuring to cope with the rapid growth.
    Hem Negandhi Financial Accounting & Reporting ◊ Strategic FP&A ◊ Compliance & Controlling ◊ Hands on, problem solver ◊ 🇨🇦 April 23, 2010, Francis worked with Hem in the same group
  • Francis was my colleague at Al-Sayer and is a talented employee. He worked mainly on updating Job descriptions & organization charts, Job evaluations, Balanced Score card and ISO. He has good networking and interpersonal skills which make him to build rapport with people around very quickly.
    Rachael Pereira MBA,PHR HR Strategic Business Partner Al Sayer Group March 28, 2009, Francis worked with Rachael in the same group
  • The best way of learning is asking questions and understanding core of each issue. While many have reluctance to ask questions and explore more knowledge, Francis was always found to be anxious to know more and learn more.
    Siddique Walele HR Consultant March 23, 2009, Siddique was senior to Francis but didn’t manage directly
  • Francis is an intelligent and sincere professional who has always demonstrated a high level of competence in his performance of work.
    Pinak Raychaudhuri Regional Finance Controller - East Africa at Tata International Limited March 12, 2009, Francis worked with Pinak in the same group

  • Francis has a positive attitude and tons of energy that helps the teams cause. He has an innate ability to create service excellence on a consistent basis which helps him to create a worth wile change to an Organization and its processes.
    Bharathan Prahalad Assistant Vice President, Human Resources at FSS February 4, 2009, Bharathan was senior to Francis but didn’t manage directly
  • Francis is a friend since my college days and continues as Candidate / Client all these years.
    Pio Manoj Transforming businesses by hiring the right Leaders February 4, 2009, Francis was a client of Pio’s
  • Francis is a hard-working professional, always striving to do the best for his customers (employees in his case). He is organized and can work efficiently to provide quick response to tasks. He is also open and friendly, which help him be a good people person. I wish him all luck in his career.
    Lakshminarayan Balasubramaniam Customer Experience Strategy and Operations January 27, 2009, Lakshminarayan was senior to Francis but didn’t manage directly
  • Francis is a person with excellent networking skills and passion to excel in all the things that he takes up. His approach to the finer details is excellent and definitely commendable. Knowledge in HR domain is his strength. I wish Francis a great future.
    Giriprasad Kedam, PMP Experienced automotive leader seeking a challenging opportunity November 1, 2008, Giriprasad worked with Francis in different groups
  • Francis is a vital contributor as a part of the team. His effort is diligent and results are continuous.
    Adv. Shibu Jacob Executive Manager - Human Resources Group, Boubyan Bank October 3, 2008, Francis worked with Adv. Shibu in the same group

  • A HR professional always on the quest for new horizons on the HR front.
    Betzi Miriyam Kuriakose Reward Manager at ACICO Group September 28, 2008, Betzi Miriyam worked with Francis in different groups
  • Francis is an ongoing thinker expanding his knowledge base in all of HRM dimensions. His restlessness and interrogatives around HR issues make him a specialist in the field, making Francis a person that everyone would feel comfortable and happy to work with.
    Stelios Kelaidis Founder at Earth's Brands Group September 23, 2008, Stelios worked with Francis but at different companies
  • Francis Jeyaraj was an excellent colleague with high degree of maturity and good networking skills. His knowledge at the job and keenness to go beyond that is worth mentioning here. Undoubtedly a great resource to the organization and the teams.
    Munirathnam Javaji Visionary Leader August 27, 2008, Munirathnam was senior to Francis but didn’t manage directly
  • As a student Francis always had a quest for more. He came prepared to class and was extremely prompt when it came to submissions. His positive and hardworking attitude takes him a long way when it comes to team work. His eagerness to learn and cheerful disposition was an encouragement to me as his teacher.
    Liju John at Self Employed August 18, 2008, Liju was Francis’ teacher
  • "Working with Francis Jeyaraj provided a lot of learning experience and insight to best management practices. He is a very friendly and charismatic leader who always has an eye to details and very effective in driving the team to accomplish the task in hand on time."
    Dheeraj Chawla Network Support Engineer at Diyar United Company August 12, 2008, Dheeraj worked with Francis in different groups

  • I have worked with Francis in the capacity of a business partner. He is extremely professional and reliable in his dealings. He is quite apt at managing cross cultural initiatives.
    Arnab Das Head - Rewards and Business HR Corporate Functions August 6, 2008, Francis was a client of Arnab’s
  • Francis is a highly focused and motivated individual and has the instinct to tap the right skills of people for recruitment.
    Guruprasad Sanjeevi Program Manager at Infinite Computer Solutions July 31, 2008, Guruprasad worked with Francis in different groups
  • Francis is well known to me. He was working in DSQ software. He was hard working, knowledgeable and more royal.
    Audivaragan Chandrasekaran PMP,PMI-ACP,CSM,CSP,ISMS,CRISC,Founder Director,Infocareer Pvt Ltd July 23, 2008, Audivaragan managed Francis directly
  • "It gives me great pleasure to speak about Francis. It has been a great experience working with him. He is extremely well organized and meticulous in managing the work on hand. A case in point is the way he handles the numerous resumes that hit his mail box.
    Ali Yasin Experience in Sales, Product Design & Operations - Mobile apps and internet domain - Video Production July 18, 2008, Ali worked with Francis
  • Francis is a very business-oriented person. Serious and hard worker, I keep a very good memory of our collaboration. I wish you all the best in your career.
    Zeyad A. BinSanad Founder & Chairman Of Binsanad Consulting July 13, 2008, Zeyad A. was senior to Francis but didn’t manage directly